Client Testimonials


Trudy’s Short But sweet testimonial



– Thanks for getting this thing settled with HSBC i really appreciate what you have done for me. It is a real pleasure to deal with you and to know that if i have any questions that i need answered you are there to give me the help i need. I guess the last one that has to be settled is Sears. I would like to know if this is close to being settled and to know what is left to be covered. I would appreciate hearing from you asap.  Thanks once again for all the help you are giving me. I would highly recommended you service to anyone that i can. Great job.



– Thank you very much really appreciate everything that you have done to settle this account. Am really impressed with your professional approach that you have shown to settle this matter. Everyone that i have talked to there is really friendly and makes you feel comfortable to talk to them whenever i call. Thanks again  I really appreciate all you have done.



– Ya, I guess this puts to end our relationship that has worked out so well.



– I appreciate so much what you have been able to provide for me. More than perhaps you know.



– I have recommended your services to a couple of my friends and my sister as well.


– Thank you for your empathy, compassion and strong willingness and flexibility to find solutions for me.



– Thanks again to you and your staff for your perseverance, professionalism and responsiveness always.



– I’m truly grateful for all the help


– I wanted to thank you both very much for all of the work you put in on our behalves.


– We are both so happy to have this weight off of our shoulders and in retrospect this situation has made us wiser about our finances as well as a new sense of control over our financial situation instead of our finances having control over us.


– We may never be financially wealthy but financially healthy is perfectly wonderful.


– Your plan has helped us to simplify our lives and decide what is truly important and what is just unnecessary to make” our world go round”.


I am very thankful that you came into our lives when you did, you may not realize this but your work probably Saved our family and gave us the eyes to rediscover each other.


We , truly thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


– We are on our way to healthy living both literally and figuratively.We are all doing well. We wish you and your families a wonderful holiday season, great health and joy. My next door neighbor is currently on a program with you and is also very pleased with your services. I also have other friends that our considering your services after they have seen such the wonderful results we’ve had in working with you.


– Thank you just does not seem enough to express the gratitude we have for you and CCDR.


You were always there to answer my many questions and giving me counsel and advice to succeed.


Always kindness on the other end of the line or in correspondences, when I’m sure I must have been annoying.


I want to thank you so much for being so wonderful to deal with. Talking to you on the phone certainly eased my mind. I have to admit I was very nervous when I set up the call. It is a hard thing to admit that you have made a mess of your financial life, but you didn’t make me feel like I was a loser. In fact, you made me feel wonderful, like there really is a chance to make amends and start over.


Client Testimonials