About CCDR

About CCDR

Canadian Customer Debt Relief or better known as CCDR, is a dedicated financial and debt solutions company.

We are located in Canada. Our goal as a company is to eliminate all your debt using the most financially intelligent approach to do that. Our team of experts, better known as Certified Debt Specialists or CDS’s, are trained to evaluate your financial situation and recommend the best course of action to overcome your burden of debt.

Our company is recognized as the top in our field in Canada by many experts and will always treat you as a person and not a number. If you have been looking for a better way, THIS IS IT!

CCDR IS A 100% DEBT FREE Canadian owned and operated company!

Unlike other companies in this arena we live what we sell!

You should accept nothing less. After all going to an overweight fitness trainer is likely not the best choice. The same is true within the debt settlement world, if the company you are looking at has debt they should be avoided.


Canadian Customer Debt Relief or the mission of CCDR is quite simple. It is to get you out of debt in the quickest and most efficient manner. Our Mission is to always improve on the way we do things and to create and design services that will maximize our effectiveness for you the consumer.

Our mission includes you, as you are vital to our success as we are yours. Debt-U-Cation is something our company provides for Free. We believe that our society lacks the education to manage finances properly. And we work hard to provide information to the public that is accurate and relevant. Your Total Financial Wellness is our mission.

Future Goals

Our past, present and future goal is to provide the most efficient cutting edge debt solutions for our clients.
We always strive to create a debt solution that is as individual as you are.

Technology is something our company is always on top of and will pursue and use the best software solutions in the financial and debt solutions industry. Another ongoing goal of CCDR is to have the most up-to-date educated and well trained professional staff at all times.