Saskatchewan Debt Help

Saskatchewan Debt Help

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You need debt help

  • Everyone does not fit in the same “fix it” box
  • Dealing with CCDR a Local Saskatchewan Debt Help company is Better, Safer and is using good common sense; rather than choosing  an out of province or foreign debt settlement company.

No appointment is necessary you may call or drop in. If you would like to book a specific time to get a free quote please fill out the box to the right (or below if your on a mobile device).  Saskatchewan Debt Help

Canadian Customer Debt Relief is the premiere Saskatchewan debt help company in Saskatchewan. We offer lump sum and monthly debt settlement programs and solutions. Our debt settlement program does not report to your credit report as a public record like bankruptcy, consumer proposal and other debt relief options.

“There are no monthly or sign-up fees, we are strictly performance driven. If we don’t save you anything our services don’t cost you anything. Thus allowing us to operate fully in your interest as it is in ours to do so.”

We are here to help you try and avoid the need to file bankruptcy. During your free debt settlement quote we will review your current situation and recommend the best course of action.  There is no obligation or risks involved to determine your options.

Canadian Customer Debt Relief Inc. works as an advocate for you the consumer. We are not paid for or supported by any creditors or banks. This allows us to operate in your best interest.

“Do you remember what it feels like to be debt free?  Give us the opportunity and privilege to be of assistance in your debt freedom journey and contact us today.”

Your Debt Free Journey Can Start Today! Resolve to be debt free!
Saskatchewan Debt Help

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